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Rivolta on yacht (Facebook)Piero Rivolta is an award-winning poet and novelist devoted to exploring the depth and breadth of life. Possessed of an insatiable curiosity, a love of beauty, and a talent for creating, Piero has applied his sensibilities to not only being the author of eight books, but also to being a designer, developer, manufacturer, homebuilder and philanthropist.

Over the course of his extraordinary life, Piero has had many lives. He was born in Desio (Milan) Italy, and at the tender age of 24, just after earning his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Piero assumed leadership of the family automobile manufacturing company founded by his father, Renzo, who passed away one year later in 1966.

The company was called Iso and until the early 1960s primarily produced motorcycles, small trucks and the famous egg-shaped, front-door Isetta bubble car. Later, the company expanded into the production of luxury sports cars under the name Iso Rivolta, to differentiate from the Iso company’s other existing product lines at that time, which now included snowmobiles and other snow vehicles. The mighty griffon was selected as the Iso Rivolta emblem and lent its name to the company’s most popular model, the Grifo, which raced at LeMans. Later, the company entered the world of Formula One racing under the name Iso-Rivolta-Marlboro.

The theory behind this new car production was a very modern one that resulted in easy, comfortable, fast and forgiving driving automobiles, similar to those of today. Other models included the Iso Rivolta GT, the Fidia (which was the first 4-door coupe, as this style is now called), the Lele (named for Piero’s wife, Rachele) and the Varedo.

Piero sold the auto manufacturing company in 1972 to an Italian-American conglomerate of various companies, which folded just a few years later due to overextending itself into too many different areas. At that point Piero bought back the names Iso and Iso Rivolta, and because of his free spirit, turned down any offers to work for some of the big car corporations.

In order to retreat for a time from city life in Milan, Piero and his family moved to a ranch in Tuscany that raised jumping horses and organized equestrian tours of the area. From this base he went on to succeed in a variety of other ventures including running a spinning mill in Brazil, and developing real estate in Europe, Central America and the United States.

In 1980 the family moved to Sarasota, Florida, which became their new home and the center of Piero’s future business projects, focusing on building well-thought-out residential communities with tennis courts and golf courses, luxury condominiums, shopping centers and office buildings. Due to his love for nature and harmonious design (inherited from his father), he also donated two community parks, one in Italy, and another in the U.S.

For many years Piero devoted some of his time traveling abroad for a number of car projects, until in 2000, in response to his passion for sailing the high seas, he founded Rivolta Marine (now called Rivolta Yachts), a producer of world-class sailboats and motoryachts.

Piero has also enjoyed writing since childhood; in recent years, while still involved in numerous projects, he has spent much of his personal time creating engaging fiction and poetry. His collection of eight books has won both local and international attention and awards. He is currently working on new material for publication.

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