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Aston Martin Interviews Marella Rivolta Zagato on Art of Living

Aston Martin interviewed Piero Rivolta’s talented daughter, Marella Rivolta Zagato on the art of living. Marella carries on her father and grandfather’s family automobile design legacy of Iso Rivolta, which created the famous “Grifo” and GT. She and her husband Andrea Zagato run the eponymous Zagato automotive

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Sarasota ABC 7’s Linda Carson Interviews Piero Rivolta

Piero Rivolta The Castaway Interview

Author and poet Piero Rivolta was interviewed on live television by Sarasota’s ABC 7 news reporter Linda Carson, discussing his latest novel “The Castaway.” When Linda asks Piero to tell her what the meaning of life is, he shares with her a key philosophy of his: “All

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Piero Rivolta Discusses Writing with Sarasota Radio Host Cliff Roles

On May 9, 2010, author Piero Rivolta was interviewed on-air by Sarasota’s Cliff Roles. Piero shared his thoughts on the motivation and passion behind his writing. The interview also touched on Piero’s yacht-building company and his real estate development company, Tivoli Homes of Sarasota. The interviewed aired

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Piero Rivolta Discusses Poetry, Sailing, Italy, in WUSF 89.7 Interview

In this April 29, 2010 interview, which aired on WUSF 89.7 radio out of Tampa, Florida, Piero Rivolta discussed his professional life in Italy and what led him to sail to, and eventually settle down in, Sarasota, Florida. Interviewed by Sarasota arts critic Richard Storm, Piero spoke

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Italian television Il Settimanale Interview with Piero Rivolta

Piero Rivolta was interviewed on the Italian television show Il Settimanale by journalist Roberto Pachetti in a biographical piece entitled “L’avventura della vita” or “The Adventure of Life.” Piero, who was born in Italy, spoke about his family’s history in the automobile industry in that country, and

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