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Going By Sea – Poems and Thoughts for Today’s World

Going By Sea

In Going By Sea, Piero Rivolta, an avid and accomplished sailor of the world’s oceans, offers poems and thoughts inspired by his love of sailing. The reflections in the book arise from various maritime adventures Piero experienced during his voyages in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Mediterranean. Whether he is watching an approaching storm, enjoying a colorful coastline, or swaying peacefully at anchor, Piero’s questioning contemplation of his surroundings touches on existential matters of life and mortality — touchstones in times of uncertainty and change.  Adding to the reader’s experience of the book is the fact that the writings are presented in both Italian and English, on facing pages.

Martin Tucker, author of While There is Time: Penultimate Poems, described Piero’s poetry as celebrating “both melancholy and passion. He is what might be called a universal romantic, someone for whom the meaning of an object or a scene persists without binding him to a solitary history; but it is his talent to evoke the power of memory that gives his poetry a flavor beyond the mere stirring of words.”

Published in 2011 by New Chapter Publisher, Going By Sea received a Gold Medal for Poetry (President’s Book Awards) from the Florida Publishers & Authors Association.