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Just One Scent The Rest is God

Just One Scent The Rest is God (second edition)

This second edition of Just One Scent: The Rest is God was launched in March 2015 by Sarasota-based New Chapter Publisher.

In the tradition of metaphysical poets, in Just One Scent, Piero Rivolta gathers concrete yet evocative impressions–images based on the sea and sailing, mountains and meadows, music and scents–to ask questions about the purpose of life and what it means to be human.

Prose poems alternate with lyrical verse to cover a range of subjects, including work, spirituality, romantic relationships and love, from a variety of perspectives.

Analyzing feelings and desire, he offers sly and profound musings to the dilemmas humans face in the quiet, reflective moments of life. Above all, he affirms the beauty and joy of existence to be experienced, if we take the time to bypass excessive rationality and trust our intuition and sensory perceptions.

Just One Scent was originally published in 1999 by the Italian publishing house Crocetti Editore, eventually selling more than 7,000 copies worldwide and winning the Gold Medal in the Poetry category by the Florida Publishers Group. This updated second edition of poems in both Italian and English, with a new introduction and photographs, contains 22 poems and three prose pieces that meditate on love, hope, pleasure and the mysterious aspects of life. The new book was awarded the Silver Medal by the Florida Authors Publishers Association, Inc. (FAPA) in 2015.